Truck Finance of America primarily exists to finance loans for customers at our partner dealership,Advantage Truck Centers.  However, we do occasionally end up with assets in inventory.  As this is not our primary business we offer these vehicles for resale at very reasonable rates 'as-is'.  

We are prepared to finance loans on some of these assets for $2,995.00 down.  We will offer weekly payments in the $350-450 range for 15-20 months depending on the starting loan principal. We will also discuss financing of minor repairs at the request of the buyer to make a vehicle road ready.  But any such consideration will be in addition to the as-is pricing. 

Other Assets are only offered on an 'as-is' no financing basis and will be noted as such.  These assets usually have either cosmetic or mechanical repairs beyond the scope that the company is willing to undertake on a speculative basis.  Or the resale value is 
Inventory listing as of 02/04/2019
Details -  316, 342348, 373, 408